Science News 2014(English)

New electronic devices made from paper and ink

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Running Time : 5minutes

Japanese edition has been published in Jul 1, 2014


New technologies in an emerging field known as printed electronics are now attracting a great deal of attention. If these technologies progress to the point at which electronic circuits can be created as easily as printing on a sheet of paper, they will fundamentally change how electronic devices are manufactured and used.
We report on such research that could revolutionize electronics.


Masayuki Kanehara(Assistant Professor, Research Core for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Okayama University),
Masaya Nogi(Associate Professor, Laboratory of Cellulose Nanofiber Materials, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR), Osaka University),
Hiroyuki Yano(Professor, Laboratory of Active Bio-based Materials, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University)