CELLS, the Amazing Mini Spaces ~10 Years of Drastic Evolution in the Life Sciences~

CELLS, the Amazing Mini Spaces ~10 Years of Drastic Evolutio

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Running Time : 29minutes

Publication Year(JFY) : 2008


This program presents an overview of research progress in the life sciences over the last decade from four viewpoints and introduces the forefront of research on how the progress can be applied to medical therapies: The Life Sciences in the Post-genomic Era, regarding the decipherment of the human genome; The World of Proteins; The New World of RNA; and Towards the Realization of Regenerative Therapies. Completion of the deciphering of the human genome, analysis of the 3D structure of proteins, the discovery of new functions of RNA, the successful production of human iPS cells… The life sciences have greatly developed over the last 10 years and their progress is about to revolutionize medical technologies. Living in the 21st century, it will be vital for us to understand the basis of the life sciences in order to gain a proper perspective for our future vision of effective medical services. This program introduces in a documentary style the paradigm shifts that have occurred in the life sciences during the last decade and how they are changing medical therapies.


Bianca(Narrator)(BBT),Stuart Varnam-Atkin(Narrator)(BBT),Nobuyoshi Shimizu (Keio Advanced Research Centers/ the GSP (Gen,Taisei Mushiroda (Laboratory for Pharmacogenetics, RIKEN),Teruhiko Yoshida (Genetics Division, National Cancer Center),Toshikazu U